Troubleshooting Guides

Troubleshooting – Waste Maid Disposer Jams.

Make sure your disposer is turned off. Turn the isolator switch to off position or remove the electrical plug from your socket.

Look for any foreign items inside grind chamber.

Insert a medium flat -­‐headed screwdriver into one of the two triangular holes cut into the turntable.

When the turntable is free, remove the screwdriver and your hand from inside the disposer.

Press the red reset button situated on the lower shell.

Remover the black rubber Splashguard or the Batch Feed Stopper from the disposer throat.

Check to see if both impellers are free.

Using the hole to anchor the screwdriver, push the turntable in anti-­‐ clockwise direction. Do this until the screwdriver can push the turntable 360 degrees.

Replace the splashguard or batch feed stopper back into the throat of the machine.