Disposers Types

There are 2-different types of Elite disposers. Continuous or Batch Feed. Both include the same high quality motors and can grind all types of food waste. But the differences are in the installation and operation.


All Waste Maids require an under the sink power socket to provide electric to the machine. Generally, Continuous feed models then require a fuse spur wall switch (above worktop) to turn the unit on/off. However, our 1780AS, 1880 AS and 1980AS models benefit from including a built-in counter top air-switch option. This negates the need for a wall switch.

There is also an alternative option to purchase a counter-top air switch for the 1580, 1680 models. Visit our Air Switch page.

The batch feed models (1785BF & 1985BF) operate by using the sink stopper to start/stop the unit. By pushing the stopper into the correct position will activate the unit. When the stopper is removed the unit will stop. This means they do not require an air or wall switch


All 6-continuous feed models are safe and simple to operate, with 5 easy steps to follow:

  • Step1Remove the sink stopper and turn on the cold water using medium flow.
  • Step2Switch on the Waste Maid.
  • Step3Scrape in the food waste into the unit.
  • Step4After grinding process is completed, let both water and Disposer run for 25 seconds.
  • Step5Turn disposer off and stop water flow.

The Batch Feed models have the same grind process but the food is loaded into the disposer before the unit is engaged. The On/Off switch is in the throat of the Disposer and is activated by sink stopper. Only water is allowed to enter the Batch Feed disposer whilst running. As soon as the sink stopper is removed, the disposer automatically turns off.

Continuous Feed Models

Batch Feed Models

  • Waste Maid Mid Duty 1785BF

    Only Batch Feed unit in UK that can comfortably fit into a 600mm base unit using bowl and half sink.

    year warranty
    X-Large grind chamber
  • Waste Maid Deluxe 1985BF

    Super Deluxe Sound Shell and Cast Stainless Steel impellors offers the highest specification of any Batch Feed model currently available.

    year warranty
    XX-Large grind chamber