In the world of disposers, Waste Maid stands as a titan, dominating the market with its 30-year legacy of excellence. Since their inception in the early 1990s, Waste Maid disposers have been revolutionizing the game, initially making waves in the UK and European markets before spreading their influence worldwide.

Hailing from the innovation hub of California, each iteration of Waste Maid is meticulously crafted to embody the trifecta of qualities consumers crave: lightweight, energy-efficient, and hassle-free installation. This commitment to innovation has propelled Waste Maid to the forefront of disposer technology, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry landscape. With Waste Maid, it’s not just about disposing of waste; it’s about doing it smarter, easier, and with a touch of Californian ingenuity.

For those customers looking to replace an order model, please see below the current model chart.

Contious Feed 50- Series 51- Series 55- Series Classic Elite S-Series
Economy 050 051 055 058 1580 S-599
Standard 150 151 155 158 1680 S-699
Mid Duty 250 251 255 258 1780AS S-799
Heavy Duty 350 351 355 358 1880AS S-899
Deluxe 450 451 455 458 1980AS S-999
Premium 655 658 2080AS S-1099

Batch Feed

Mid Duty Batch Feed 255BF 278BF 1785BF
Heavy Duty Batch Feed 500BF 500BF
Deluxe batch Feed 550BF 550BF 555BF 458BF 1985BF