Spare Parts

Black Stopper

The one piece stopper works with the Splash Guard to create a seal to hold water in your sink bowl.


Deluxe Stopper

It boast a fine stainless steel finish with a plastic handle and rubber seal. This sits on top of the splash guard to create a seal to hold water in your sink bowl.


Batch Feed Stopper

This stopper activates the Batch Feed units. It also acts as a sink stopper.


Sink Flange

The Sink Flange boast a stainless finish and Waste Maid branding. Working withs sinks with a 90mm waste hole and a maximum thickness of 23mm. For sinks with a thickness of more than 23mm please select the Extended Sink Flange.


Gasket Pack

This seal set includes the Rubber and Waxed gasket.


Mount Ring

This part connects the sink flange assembly to the main body of the unit.


Cushion Ring

The cushion ring holds the mount ring in the correct position.


Support Ring

The Support ring keeps the sink flange tight to the sink and keeps the gaskets in place.


Outlet Elbow & Outlet Gasket

The Waste outlet elbow and rubber gasket.


Outlet Flange & Screws

The flange and screws secure the outlet elbow to the machine.


Air Switch Button

Replacement button for the external air switch. Works with counter top holes of 16mm diameter.


Extended Sink Flange

The Extended Sink Flange allows a Waste Maid to be fitted to a ceramic sink (cut with 90mm waste) that has a thickness between 23mm – 24mm.


Sink Flange Assembly

This pack includes all the parts you will need for a new sink or re-sealing your unit.
Parts include: Sink Flange. Splash Guard, Rubber Gasket, Waxed Gasket, Support Ring, Mount ,Ring, Cushion Ring